Monday, 30 September 2013

PPP3 : YCN Awards


Just before we came back to uni YCN hosted the students awards ceremony. Above is some stills from the video which featured my hand, and back and Lizzi taking photos of her grub. The event was really great and it was a privilege to be there. One thing that I was not expecting was the professionals, I assumed that we would be sat with students etc and did not realise that we would be sat with the people who set the brief. So I was sat with the marketing team for Churchill which was great to get feedback from my brief. As well as the YCN award I was also given a goody pack from Churchill which consisted of two churchill bulldog toys which made me very happy as my life is filled with bulldogs from real one to toy ones. The event was really brilliant and a great celebration for the course as there were a lot of us there.