Monday, 20 February 2012


  1. I CAN HAND REAR FROM BIRTH 5 PUPPY BULLDOGS - This is something I never thought I'd have to do but after losing our dog we all had to step up and pull together to make sure things didnt get any worst. This was a really hard time for me having to deal with lose of our dog (who was a cliche as it is, my best friend) , shock of resposibilty of 6 delicate lifes, sleep depreivation having to pull all nighters as pups had to be bottle fed every two hours, whilst being 100% commited to uni and work. I'm proud of myself that uni didnt get effected and proud of myself and famliy as a collective for suceeding as we raised 5 beautiful and healthy pups.

       2. I'M MORE MOTIVATED THEN I'VE EVER BEEN - I have never felt so motivated, dedicated and happy in what I am doing. This feeling is so refreshing after last years flop of a course I feel privalidged and extremely gratful that I was allowed on to this course.

       3. I'M AT 'HIGH RISK' OF HAVING DYSLEXIA - I've always been told by people that i'm an awful speller and as a child a teacher did speculate it but as I was a head strong child I told the teacher I did not as by brother is dyslexic and cant read and I could.... But that was the only teacher to ever point anything out to me. I feel happy that it has been drawn to my attention as things now make alot of sence like the fact I struggled to learn to tell the time when younger and still get it wrong at times today, and my disorganisation and among some of the things. But it is good to now know the help out there within the college.

    4. I CAN COPE WITH COMMUTING - When on the foundation 2 years ago I began commuting from home but I could not cope with it, it made me tired, couldnt commit to the course as much as i wanted to and didnt have time to sqeeze a job in so had no money, so by moving to Leeds it made me commit to the course 100% and I could get a job to fund myself. Looking back this was the write thing for me to do. But this year I have been commuting in and feel no worst for it, I dont feel drained or like its a pain waking up at 6 as i want to be at uni, I've got a job working 3/4 nights a week and again feel no worst of for it, and I feel able to commit 100% to the course, although moving to Leeds would make me more commited as I would be able to use the studio more. This change from not being able to 'cope' with commuting and now has made me realise that I have grown up alot since then and in life obsticles like commuting are just everyday things that you have to deal with.

    5.  I NEED GLASSES  - This is bad news for me as when i tried trying on the glassed I realised I have wonky ears.. but once i find a pair I'll be able to see again and hopefully my eyes wont hurt so much reading off screens, which will help alot.  

    6. I LOVE COFFEE - I've always been a tea person, I still am, but pretty rapidly coffee is taking over, its gone from a straight up answer of tea. to a battle of hmm tea or coffee, to just coffee with a distant whisper in my head of a what about your love for tea? But coffee keeps me alert and awake which is a necesity

   7. I CAN'T STAND BEING LATE - When growing up i've always been the one in my friends thats 'always late' my whole family has a reputation of 'always late' but over past few years especially ones spent with Leeds college of art, if I have to be somewhere at a certain time I'll get there earlier. with work i'll always get there 10 mins before with uni 30-45 minutes before, Ive even started to get panicy about being late when its not even anything to do with me like when my sister leaves 5 minutes to get to work, I cant stand the feeling. I think this is again an indication that i have grown up and understand the importance of punctuality.

8. I HAVE 'NO LIFE' - This is not true, I have a life and one that I am enjoying but as it just revolves around Uni, work , uni-work, my dogs/family/boyfriend, people see it differently. 

9. I'M A RUBBISH 'STUDENT' - In the sense of stereotypical student. I don't go out, I don't waste my money, I can't remember the last time I had a hang over, I support myself with no financial help from parents, I'd choose doing my work over socialising etc etc. I have no problem with students at all i'm just no cut out for the life style. I'm a 'bore' and at uni to learn and get somewhere in life and interact with like minded people.

10.  I DONT LIKE ALOT OF LETTINGS AGENCYS/LANDLORDS/BUILDING LEE'S IN LEEDS - I am trying my hardest to move to Leeds with boyfriend and dog in toe but this is proving very difficult. We've expereinced everything, straight up no to dog, landlord says yes to dog but the wife says no, land lord and agent say yes we say yes to flat 2 hours later.. but the inconsiderate agent failed to inform us that there was another viewing straight after and if we wanted it we'd have to say yes straight away not as he put it 'dont talk to me about it as i'll charge you but act quick' very unhelpful, option of sneaking dog in but we'd feel to guilty and dis honest, yes from agent no from building lees. most forms of rejection we've had all because of a harmless well behaved dog, what I cant understand is that everywhere weve looked messy unreliable (sorry sterotyping) students have been allowed.. but dogs arnt? If I owned a flat Id much prefer a dog over student, maybe im just biased. Eventually it will work out.


    1.  ORGANISATION - I know it's esential and is something I really need to work on for the sake of my development as a designer/work and blog. I end up with paper everywhere some important some not all mixed together and it just becomes a huge task to sort out. I need to stop this and form a strategy and stick to it.

   2. I ENJOY RESEARCHING PRACTICING DESIGNERS - I find it really inspiring and exciting to see the work thats being done in 'the real world' and all the options that will become available to me. I've always looked at designers but i'll always lose who that designer was and thats it gone. But now with the help of Jo's red book I'm finding it very useful to have a writen log of designers work that i've enjoyed that I can have on me at all times. I feel this will really help when researchinng and gaining inspiration for projects.

   3. IDENTITY - Before this course i knew very little about Identity, but it is now one of my favourite things. I love seeing a full set of differnt objects but with the same identity, and how the objects and designs can get stretched so far. The style of Identity that I like best is just really simple, subtle but beautiful.

   4. TYPOGRAPHY - I thought I disliked typography after a very ill-informed mundane introduction to typography in my first year of previous course. We wernt taught nothing about it just told to go research what decender, accender and x height meant for 10 minutes on our own, to then be given a very regimented systematic task. I can now see that typography is not like that and after being taught about the history of typography and the fundementals of it I feel so much more informed about it. It is not a very interesting and neccesary practice and I am glad my eyes have been opened to it properly.

   5. PRINT - Hand rendered techniques such as screen print and letter press are becoming, astheically my favourite forms of production. I think the end finish of screen priting and letter press is so lovely and also love the process and how much time effort and dedication goes into it.

   6. SOFTWARE - I have been introduced to software I have not previously used and This has really helped me develop as I am more informed. I still have alot to learn about the software, and have more software to be shown which is nothing but a positive as it will only improve development further.

   7. 100 THINGS - from doing such a long brief with 10 different outcomes it has really opened my eyes to the versitility of graphic design it comes in so many different formats , people who think graphic design is just poster design, are just wrong.

8. DESIGN PRICPLES -  Learning about design principles has been amazing, I feel I have learnt things that are so important, they are the fundamentals of graphic design but yet most courses choose to not teach them. I feel very lucky, and as Lorenzo told us you have to learn the rules before you can break/ recreate them.

   9. STUDIO - Working in a busy motivated studio has been so refreshing. There is always a buzz around and it really helps to keep me focused on my work. Its also great always having people around to get feedback which really helps.

  10. CRITS & EVALUATION - From this semester I have realised how important and benifiicial self evaluating and crits are to my work, It is so easy to go off task and get so involved in a brief that you lose sight of the outlines, but by having crits it ables me to keep focused and look at work with fresh eyes.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


As a group this is what we found when looking at our bredth of work on a whole

Wednesday, 8 February 2012



NAME: Suzanne Moore

  • 1. What skills have you developed through this module and how effectively do you think you have applied them?

  • Throughout this module I feel I have learnt many skills. I have learnt new efficient ways of researching and how to develop that research by expanding it and developing it. I have also learnt about quantitive and qualitative research, the differences and importance of it when it comes to research. I feel I applied what I have learnt about research well, I have come up with a wide and varied body of research, which helped me develop an informed end product . I have also developed skills of time keeping in this module as we did a longer brief, it was a real test of organization, I feel I have benefited from this as it has made me more aware of time and how important it is to take advantage of every second.
  • Another skill I have developed is InDesign. I had not used it before we had the workshop, I always did my book layouts on photoshop, I know feel more informed and can't believe I haven't used the software sooner. I feel it benefited my work in this module as I was able to use it to create layouts which were accurate, and experiment with different layouts. I also further developed skills in screen printing, which I used to create one of my 10 end products.

  •  2. What approaches to/methods of design production have you developed and how have they informed your design development process?

  • I have been introduced to Indesign which definitely informed my design development process. It abled me to create accurate and well informed layouts. From doing Lorenzo's workshop on grid and layout I also saw how beneficial it is to draw accurate scaled down mock layouts as it will make sure your final piece is the most successful.
  • Ihave also learnt more about stocks and how important it is to consider stock as getting the wrong stock can effect the end product massively such as how they product functions or how it is printed on.

  • 3. What strengths can you identify in your work and how have/will you capitalise on these?
  • The strengths in this module I feel I have had are a more informed knowledge of softwares which I think has reflected in my end work. I also feel my developing knowledge of the importance of stock has been a strength as it has abled me to come up with functioning end products. Another strength has been the development of research and products I feel my research has informed my products and development of the product which has made me confident that my end product is functional.

  • 4. What weaknesses can you identify in your work and how will you address these in the future?
  • A weakness I can identify in this module is time keeping, I feel I used my time but need to manage my time so that I know when to stop researching and when to start designing and then know when to stop designing and start making, as I could of done with leaving myself a little more time to create my end product. I also feel I could have done with a little more experimentation, experimenting with format, colour, design etc as this would have furthered my work and designs. I also need to work on critically evaluating my work on my blog, as this would help me with the development of my work.

  • 5. Identify five things that you will do differently next time and what do you expect to gain from doing these?

  • Organization - I need to make sure I organize my design sheets, crit sheets, to make sure I have them to hand so I use them to the best ability.
  • Time management - I need to learn when to stop one thing and start another so that I divide my time efficiently between research, design development and production.
  • Analytical development - If I analyze my work more thoroughly I feel my work will further from it.
  • Experimentation - if I experiment more with colour, design, stock, layout etc my work will benefit and be more informed.
  • Attention to detail - by concentrating more on things like typos and finishes it will ensure my end work looks more professional 


  1. 6.How would you grade yourself on the following areas:
    (please indicate using an ‘x’) 

    5= excellent, 4 = very good, 3 = good, 2 = average, 1 = poor







    Quantity of work produced


    Quality of work produced


    Contribution to the group


    The evaluation of your work is an important part of the assessment criteria and represents a percentage of the overall grade. It is essential that you give yourself enough time to complete your written evaluation fully and with appropriate depth and level of self-reflection. If you have any questions relating to the self evaluation process speak to a member of staff as soon as possible.