Wednesday, 19 February 2014

PPP3 : Interdisiplinary art and design pitch (ADD ISSU)

Interdisciplinary art and design

It was suggested to us that before we go meet our year book teams from our designated courses that we should come up with a concept for the year to have at the ready to pitch to them and get the ball rolling. This seemed like a good idea and was successful for other people doing the year book but it was not a success for us.

We sat down and developed concepts and researched into what their course is about and as everyone is very multi disciplinary we wanted to showcase this. We decided on the concept of 'Sorry you are leaving' A humorous rhetoric to the fact that everyone is graduating and leaving and it's almost like we are retiring from education, so we wanted to go for the theme of a celebration of the year group and their time on the course. It was a very playful concept with lots of room for development and fun, but due to Greta mixing up the time we were supposed to meet the course we did not get the opportunity to pitch and explain the idea in full, so we just had to leave the boards with them and let them look over them. When we returned the next week it was clear that our concept had been taken the wrong way and that people did not see it in the way we visioned. From the feedback it was obvious to us that the tone of voice was wrong and that this year group wanted something that would have a more sophisticated tone. Lesson learned. I think for this year group who are very heavily involved in their end of year show it would have been best for us to meet them first understand who they are and their tone and then created a pitch around that as doing it the other way really back fired BUT we will recover and just create a new concept around the discussed end of year show theme 'co-ordinates'

PPP3 : Studios of interest

Studios of interest:

Below are a list of studios that I really admire and look up to. I find their work very exciting and inspiring. They are all very different from one and other take for example I like birds who's work is very conceptual and the outcomes are very unique compared to Biekle + Yung who's work is beautifully considered and end pieces are all very striking. I have reached out and contacted a few of these studio like hort, I like birds, high tide and P-a-r and had a response from i like birds which was great. I have also heard from Hort with a friendly email wishing me luck but stating they didn't have time to email back, and i have had a response from p-a-r saying they have no job vacancies.. which is a little off topic as i wasn't enquiring about that but hey ho!

I Like birds

biekle + yung

high tide



carl Kliener


Thursday, 13 February 2014

PPP3 : life update

Ever since I got into graphic design during my foundation year five years ago I have always had the desire to set something up and create a studio with friends who I enjoy working with. On my foundation I had four design buddies, Jack Grafton, Tom Wilkonson, Max Casey and Joe Gamble and we often joked about setting up something but they have that pull that people often have towards London. They are all graduated now and darting from placement to placement hoping that one will evolve into a job which I'm sure it will as they are all very talented lads. But, this is not what I want. I don't want to have to go from one placement to another, yes they are valuable and I would like to do a couple but not for a whole year which has only geared me on further to want to succeed and be involved in something that I and others have set up not just going to work for someone.

 After the realisation that the type of studio that I would most be interested in working in is a small independent design studio and that those small studios are that way because they have chosesn to be and so won't be looking for an employee this made me realise that if I set up with the right people this is something that we can have a real go at rather than settling for design jobs that our hearts aren't in it for.  This moment became on opportunity when I first started working with Greta we had/ have a great working synergy and ideas flow quite freely between us.  We spoke and decided that setting something up ourselves could definitely be an option.

Then there were three. We were speaking to Lizzi and discovered that she felt the same and was up for joining us with our quest. To celebrate this new studio relationship we made some wall art :

Our first quest together was to pitch for the year books which for us went really successfully and we came up with two concepts one for graphics and one for printed textiles. The collaboration was a success and we felt we worked well together as a group.

Forward to a few weeks later and we've become four. Mike was talking to us about how he wished he'd gone forward to do year book and so we got talking and invited him to join us for the year book which then after great working synergy and things like passion and drive in common  we put the idea out to Mike that he was morel than welcome to join us and after thinking things through he joined us.

This is where we are at as it stands. There is a lot of work to do and research in to how things work but we are all very excited. We are all being vert realistic about this studio in the sense that we know its not going to happen over night and that we are all probably going to work full time jobs like waitressing etc at the same time as the studio until the ball gets rolling however long it takes.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

PPP3 : Manifesto


This is my manifesto presentation. I really enjoyed this presentation as it was a really good way to write down, develop and realise my aims and beliefs as a designer. I got good feedback for my presentation which was nice to hear, some of the comments that were given were that it was clear I was passionate about what I do and then my typographic skills were good on the presentation.

Now that I have a clear manifesto I will use this more in my design presence as I feel it is an accurate representation of myself and will explain to clients what I am about.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

PPP3 : Graphic Design year book pitch

Year book pitch :

Graphic design

This is mine, Lizzis and gretas year book pitch for Graphic Design. After misinterpreting the last pitch and thinking we were pitching for year books we wanted to make we were given the opportunity to pitch for the graphic design year book. When coming up with concepts for this year I thought about things to do with our year group / ways of representing graphic designers and came up with :


Me and Lizzi both came up with possible concepts separately but when we came together we discovered that a number of them were the same which showed that we were on the same pages for this year book. We began by starting with the 'concept of  lonely arts' where by we would make the year to the theme of lonely hearts collums as the year book is all about advertising and showcasing ourselves it would be quite a quirky concept and also it would make writing about oneself quite easy as it would be to the style of a lonely hearts collum except altering it for design such as fun loving boy seeks corporate design agency, etc... This concept was taken forward but then Greta developed a new concept of a menu of graphic designers as we all have different ingredients and recipes for graphic design. we are all individual and work uniquely to ourselves making our own personal dish. Above is this concept which we pitched.

The pitch went well although I do believe that our pitch for printed textile was way stronger as we only had a very short period of time to develop this concept for graphic design. As a result of this pitch we were awarded interdisciplinary (art and design) year book which is a course I know very little about. We are aware it is going to be a challenge as it was mentioned in this pitch the Interdis have already been having arguments about the year book. It will be a challenge but challenges are good and can make a project into something very exciting.


come up with initial concept for interdisciplinary
research into the course
make contact with the course

Thursday, 6 February 2014

PPP3 : Case room press

Case Room press

Case room press offered advised

PPP3: Manifesto plan

Manifesto Plan:

I have not thought about / done a manifesto since first year so when it came to  thinking and developing one for me as a designer now it was quite a struggle to work out which points were most important. In the end I managed to whittle it down for the presentation, selecting the points that best represent who I am. All the points I came up with that might not of necessarily made it to the final stage are underneath. 

  • Try new things
  • study always be learning
  • step away from graphic design
  • be nice
  • work hard
  • do what you love doing 
  • take risks
  • embrace uncomfortable situations
  • go on adventures

1 . be respectful and polite but remember at the end of the day we are all humans

2 . go deep

3 . there is beauty everywhere keep eyes wide open appreciate everything dog views family

4 . want to make people happy -im easily please

5 . Let your mind wander make new connections in the mind and in life

6 . embrace errors 
  1. laugh have fun
  1. remember who you are 
  2. be flexible flow with a brief
  3. do work you believe in

Doing this manifesto has been very useful as i now feel like I have a greater understanding of who I am as a graphic designer and what I believe is right or wrong.