Wednesday, 30 April 2014

PPP3 : Winterlight


Myself, Mike and Lizzi decided to pitch for winter light festival as we felt it was a really great opportunity to get involved with a live event. We really liked the fact that this event is about community and helping each other out, it has a real sense of family and it is growing fast.

We thought the pitch was going to be in front of just Janie who set the brief but we soon learned it was in front of 6 members of the winter light festival board when they walked in. This was a bit of a surprise but at the same time exciting as it made the pitch feel even more real. To begin with the members of winter light described in detail who they were and what they were to winter light. Everyone was so passionate about the event which was really great to see and made us even more eager to be a part of it.

Below is the presentation we made for winter light, where our concept was to use light as process (more details about this brief on extend practice blog)

The presentation went really well and we got some really great feedback. I was happy that our ideas spoke to the team and that we had got the audience and feel of the event spot on. They really likes the logo we designed and the fact that we had thought about how we can use light in different ways to create things for the event. They left saying that they were very impressed and that they would definitely want to have us be part of the event even just making a projection or installation. They then took our boards and presentation to pitch for us to the rest of the board that night, and once that was done we would find out if we got the pitch.

A few days later we were contacted by Janie who said that the rest of the board were impressed by our pitch and they want to work with 'Say My Name'. We are all really chuffed with this as we worked hard on this brief trying to make it as unique as possible as we feel this event is very unique and deserves to get as much attention as possible. Getting this pitch has proved to us that Lizzi, Mike and myself all work well together and it is a great opportunity and step forward for Say My Name, the studio that is getting a little bit more real each day.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

PPP3: Say My Name - Studio Meeting

Notes from the studio meeting. 

Whilst we have made enquiries about studio spaces to rent in Leeds, it has been decided that we will not look to rent anywhere until we have a good client base and that we have enough money to put into the business as a joint 3 way split. working together in a social space or indeed in a pop up desk rental system will suit us best at present. 

Similar to how Level 06 was set up in terms of work load, we will be taking on approximately 10 briefs. This will alter with regards to having clients.

We have agreed that putting on an exhibition in a public space will be beneficial to our networking and professional image within the community.

Photographing work
We recognise the need to have a consistency accross the studios portfolio and therefore we have taken the descision to photograph the work in a manner that respects every brief equally.
The business cards have gone through several concept stages to get to this point, we are aware that there is a need in the maket to stand out, I believe having a ticket machine business card will prove to be memorable. The concept of having a dispenser that clients can tear of a custom business card is one that we feel is strong.

Business pack
A main point of discussion was the business pack, having a business pack will allow us to present to any funding bodies with a level of proffesionalism.
It has been mutually agreed upon that the studio will be built slowly and steadily using live briefs over the course of a year. We have outlined 11 projects which we will be working on, including several live briefs, this includes some which we have not had the opportunity to work on over the period of 3rd year.
After one year, we will have built a client base and several branches to the business that will allow it to grow rapidly. In order to support the business we will each be working in various jobs and roles as designers to gain experience and learn lessons of how to deal with clients in a studio space.

In a year we would ideally be in a position where we would not have to take funding or grants for the business, but we will still consider that option, the business portfolio will be much stronger than if we were to pitch to a client, bank or funding body.

It is a win win situation, we make enough to set up in one year, or we have enough work to successfully pitch for business grants.

Position titles
Our titles have caused a debate, we are all partners in the business and equals in our job titles. There are several which can be explored.
Creative Director
client manager
graphic designer
Lead creative
Your new best friend

Placeholder images concept for the website.

The three photos will scroll through automatically and show our sholders and chest with name badges promting the words "say my name".
Using vibrant colours and high end clothes will give a level of profesionalism and trend to the studios image.
This work is planned to be shot on 06/05/14 which has been specifically set up to run alongside the photshoot of our work.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

PPP3 : setting up - advice

Setting Up:

We have been researching into how to set up  a graphic design studio to find out what advise is out there and if there is any help put in place. It has been really useful to undergo this research as we have found some really relevant information and help. It has also highlighted to us that there is a lot of answers out there and the internet is brilliant for answering those little quibbles but to learn the hard card buissnes side of thing we may need to get ourself enrolled on a course.

1 :

2 :


 4 :


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

PPP3: I like Birds & Bielke + Yang


Below is the responses that we have received from contacting studios as a studio seeking advise about the early days of setting up. The response has been really encouraging. I Like birds is a studio that I have a lot of respect for, they have a very creative way of approaching briefs and this in turn creates unique and exciting outcomes. Bielke + Yang are a studio that create amazing work that is aesthetically and conceptually very good. It was very exciting to hear back from them and they gave us some solid advise that we can put into practice. Bielke + Yang will be a great studio to stay in touch with and build a relationship as they reach out to freelance designers which could potentially be a chance to work as studio with them which would be great for our early days.

From I like birds
Hi Lizzi, Mike and Suzanne,

yes of course - if you have specific questions just let us know and send them over.
We will try to answer them. I think this is better then writing a text in generel.
Or what do you think would work out for you the best?

Greetings from Hamburg,

From Bielke+Yang
Hi guys,

exciting! I would loove to help, but right now it's just to damn busy for us to do any Skype-meetings etc. I'm really sorry, but you'll understand when you have you own studio up and running — just to many e-mails and to much things to do :-) But yea, some thoughts:

· Follow gut feeling on clients and projects. It works everytime. If something doesn't feel right it usually isn't.
· Have contracts and written agreements.
· Plan each project thouroughly, with a progress plan everyone (studio+client) have to commit to.
· If you treat people well and do great work you will automatically get more work from former clients/networks.

We both worked three-four years in bigger studios before setting up our own, which we are very glad for. We learned a lot and use eveything every day in our own studio. 

Really sorry for not being able to chat more, but if you have any more questions just write back and we'll answer if we have the time.

What's your studio name?

Have a great weekend,
Christian (and Martin)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

PPP3 : Placement


Throughout this year it has been mentioned many times that it is advisable to participate in a placement. I do agree that it is very beneficial to do a placement as it is a good learning curve and opportunity to get your foot through the door of a studio, but sadly it has not happened for me thus yet. This is for a number of reasons. Although I did want to undertake in a placement I spent a large portion of the year not knowing what sort of studio I was interested in working in and I didn't want to just go on a placement for the sake of going on one and waste both the design studios and my time as I have felt very precious with my time and have not wanted to waste any part of this year.

I have always had the attitude what I want to work for myself when it comes to graphic design and would want to open up a studio with people i share synergy with. This opportunity came up when I started working with Greta and then it developed from a fleeting idea/dream to something more real when Lizzi and Mike got involved (even though Greta has departed the group). Now that I knew that this is actually something which can be achieved as we are all very passionate about setting up on our own it became obvious that the studio I should be contacting are small independent studios as this is where I envision myself working. I then began contacting smaller studios engaging in conversations about how to set up, but most of the studios that replied were out of theUK so it has not been possible to set up a visit.

Most independant studios are generally quite small and may not have room for a placement but there is no harm in asking for advise and tips about how they set up etc. Now that I had a purpose to be contacting studios I felt a lot more comfortable and able to engage in conversation without feeling like I was using them. If an opportunity arises from these conversations to do a placement I will definitely get involved as I do feel there is a lot to be learned from doing a placement and seeing how studio operate especially as I will be able to translate this into our potential studio Say My Name.  I have compiled a list of independent studios in the local area of Leeds, Manchester and Sheffield and will contact them regarding visits / seeking advises with the hope that a placement could be offered, but if I don't get a response I won't be disheartened as I am going to have plenty of opportunities, time wise, to partake in placements and as sad as it is the industry is built on graduates going from placement to placement so I feel I will definitely be able to get involved. I am happy that I have not rushed into a placement  at the start of the year as I now feel I have spent more time perfecting my portfolio and skills and would feel  a lot more comfortable in a professional work place now, especially now I know more about where I want to end up and what I would want to take away from a placement, so hopefully I will get some replies from independent design studios, and if I do I would organise for it to be done during the summer, as I feel I should concentrate during this last push on my own work and not try juggle something else.