Thursday, 15 May 2014

PPP: Personal branding


Last year I really like my personal branding but looking back there are certain aspects of it that I would change. I am going to alter these changes and simplify a lot of things like my promotional pack as I think when it comes to promoting oneself it is sometimes best to do less is more and last years matches may be seen by some as a bit gimmicky so to keep all happy I am going for a more simplistic approach.

Below is my branding from last year.


I have decided to use the above as my logo. It is a spliced version of last years branding , it has been striped of the colour as I felt that although I do feel that the colour is an accurate representation of what I use/do I think there are better ways of applying this concept through the use of stock rather then having colour directly on my branding.

Buisness card:

These are a few experimentations with my business card, non of which I am happy with yet. I have experimented with trying to included the studio Say My Name branding in with my won business card but I do not think it is working out too well and will probably just keep this business card as a separate thing, unless I can find a subtler way of including it.

The business cards are all too busy and I do not like the layout, although they have been done very quickly as just speedy experimentations. I will continue to experiment and work on a simpler layout, more like the design below.

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