Friday, 16 May 2014

PPP3 : Say My Name branding

Say My Name branding

For the branding of Say My Name we wanted to create a sense of consistency whilst also allowing each of us to present ourselves as individuals. We want Say My Name branding to work with our own personal branding so that we can market Say My Name further a field. We have decided to do this by using the typeface that is featured in our own personal branding as an element of consistency, so my personal business card uses the typeface Brandon Grotesque and so my business card for Say My Name will also use this , another  example of  a typeface that would be used would be Lizzi's who uses Premier in her personal branding and so again there will be a business card for Say My Name in premier as shown bellow.

I think the simplicity of the card works well, it is clear with information and works well as it does not overpower the person who picks it up.

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