Wednesday, 14 May 2014

PPP3: Tutorial Amber & Simon


This tutorial with Amber and Simon was really beneficial. We went through the list of briefs that have  to be covered for submission such as for me it is :

Competition brief : YCN
Live visiting professional brief : Dr.Me Flag
Collaboration : Many
Personal briefs : plenty
12 briefs covered : I have 18 briefs

I have covered the basic brief criteria which is comforting to know. I showed my design boards that I did for the christmas hand in as I felt it was more beneficial to show these boards so i know what I am doing before I start doing all my proper boards. Amber said that my boards were and are suitable for educational purposes which was really good to find out at this point as I can now get on with my boards without having to worry about if I am doing them correctly.

I now have a clearer understanding about what needs to be done for the deadline so I can now get on and do it.


- do boards
- complete blog
- make sure work is completed and photographed to highest level.

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