Wednesday, 14 May 2014

PPP: Say My Name - studio hunting

Say My Name

I haver undergone some research into possible studios after looking for signs in the streets I have now found more information about those studios plus more. Some of the studios/ offices are really beautiful and would make the perfect environment for a creative studio, especially the second letting (number 2) which is advertised as a 'creative office' on its billboard outside. 

Another of my favourite studios out of the list is letting number 3. I have visited crown house a number of times as there is a mac repair shop business inside, and it beautiful old building brimming with character. It has been left as it was made (probably not originally but it does have that feel) and i really hope it stays that way. Bellow is an image of the inside of the building that I took on a recent visit.

It has been really useful to looking into lettings for a studio as I feel more aware of things like prices and size, but I need to find out a lot more information and do some more routing around before we can decided on finding a studio as ideally we would want to find one that is as cheap as possible but without compromising on size which might be a lot to ask but we will keep looking rather than rushing into anything and regretting it. 

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