Friday, 16 May 2014

PPP : Personal branding

This is the development for my personal branding. I do not want to label myself as a graphic designer as I quite like the air of mystery when it does't state what a person does, it compels me to look at a persons website more to see what they do. I much prefer this simplistic layout compared to the layouts I was experimenting with before. This layout also matches the layout we have created for Say My Name so I feel they will work better together.



Below is the final layout for my business card it achieves the simplistic look I was aiming for and also ties in with Say My Name which is another thing I wanted to be taken into account.

I have developed the Say My Name factor further by making my business card into a folded business card. On the outside I will have my branding and my information and on the inside I will have the studios name and information. This add another layer and purpose to my business card. The inside will be a pastel colour as I think this is good representation of my work as when I have used colour it generally has been of a pastel variety. This colour pallet is also what we are using for say my name so it is relevant. 

The logo for Say My Name is fluid and made of varying typefaces that represent each of us as the mantra of the studio is that it is personable and represents us as humans.

I am happy with this as my business card and think it will work visually as an interesting business card that serves two purposes.

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