Saturday, 10 May 2014

PPP3 : Portfolio surgery

Portfolio Surgery:

Andrew Lodge

I had my portfolio surgery with Andy Lodge. It was really good to get feedback on projects and my portfolio in general. I have a photography slot booked out for next week so the images that are put in place for some of the briefs were taken on the day of the surgery just for something to show. I need to come back to my portfolio and refine it, such as add text, change some images, but as I was going to be present in this portfolio surged and was able to talk about / through my work it was fine to show at this stage. Andy was very positive about my work and said that my portfolio was strong which was encouraging to hear. I just need to make sure that when I do add text that I state all the important bit about the brief as concisely as possible without leaving out anything important. He also suggested that I put my Looking for trouble book forward to or .uk which is a kick starter type thing for publishing books as he said  the book is  good and a strong concept. This was very encouraging to hear and is something I will look into once I have submitted.

Andy did not mention anything about the order of my portfolio but personally when talking through my portfolio I felt like starting with the Mum + Dad brief was not as successful as I hoped as I although I feel this is a brief worth showing, it is more visual and about the process which does not give me that much to talk about, so I think I will start with a brief that has more to talk about first then lead onto this one. I also have other briefs to add to the portfolio that I will be photographing next week.

Plan :

- Photograph work propely
- Add text to boards
- Add projects

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