Friday, 2 May 2014

PPP3: Brian studio

Today Lizzi and myself went to ilkley to visit a studio. As Say My Name we have been in touch with tutor Brian who reached out to us to let us know about a studio that is available in ilkley so me and Lizzi went to check It out.

The studio it's self was very nice it was bare and very basic but it would be a perfect blank canvas. There would be ample amount of space for us and it was. I've and bright PLUS when the screen gets too much there is the beautiful ilkley moor just outside. We spoke with Brian about setting up a buisness and he have us some really good tips and information about setting up as in the buisness side and also tips like where to get furniture for really cheap (Bradford college auction off / sell college furniture for super cheap) we had a look around Brian's studio on the next which was good to see and get any idea about things like I space. 

Everything seeme more or less perfect an we were all  very excited .. Then we worked out prices which would work out as roughly 70-80 pounds a month each which is too much money for us. As I am not aware of how much office spaces are in leeds I had a look and I am pretty sure we will be able to find something cheaper even though the likely one was really nice we want to start things off as cheap as possible 

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