Wednesday, 14 May 2014

PPP3 : Say My Name - Invoice


Mike has been looking into and researching a lot of the business side of the studio so that we can have a basic understanding and can prepare to learn more once we have completed our degree. This is the invoice that Mike has set up for the studio. The tone is friendly as we want to be a personable studio, but there is also a definite level of professionalism and buissnes so that people know we are not a joke or to be taken for a ride. The gaps left are where things like logo will be situated.

       As a start to the work on the studio I have decided to draft a few things for the stationary set    
       including a schedule and a contract cover sheet. Colours, type and details will be critted by the
       studio when we are ready to move forward. Using a planned Welcome Skatestore brief as an
       example client, I have created the following:

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